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 ‘CEREAL SOCKS’ – A special collaboration with Venya Son

Joining forces with the illustrator Venya Son again to create a new collection inspired in the iconic cereals from the 90´s: Frosties (FLAKES), Fruit Loops (LOOPS) & Nesquik (CHOCO). 

About four months ago we had a meeting with him at Cereal Hunters, a renowned place in Barcelona to talk about our idea. Venya didn´t think twice and gladly accepted.

It Was: Re-invent the attitude, lifestyle and look from the characters and bring it to reality getting them closer to millennials

The Frosties Tiger now is Flakes, Selfie junkie and Hypebeast.


The Toucan from Fruit Loops is just Loops nowadays, Somebody that enjoys life, traveling and surfing in natural paradises.


And the Nesquik Bunny is Choco, Graffiti writer, hooked into Hip-Hop culture and Gucci Mane raps.