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More performance than ever!


It has been more than four years since we launched Pacific and Co. and we have managed to get this project to be at the forefront of the creators of socks.

Our casual collections are recognized by the imagination we put in each design and the quality of the fabrics.

After all this previous experience we wanted to go a step further: following our philosophy ‘where sport meets fashion’, we have connected the world of fashion with sport to create the Performance range, an entire range of socks focused 100% on sport excellence.

Attending the needs of our cyclist and runner public, we have created 8 new desgns where the quality in design and fabrics (Nyl Care® or Tactel®), provides the greatest comfort and technology to compete and workout harder.




The challenge has been to adapt our product to the cycling world without losing the essence of our creativity and… we have succeeded! The collection shows our aesthetic identity and adds a series of details that are already appealing to bicycle and running users.



In all designs of the new collection we have included reflective logos, printed on a hexagonal mesh that promotes an Airflow that improves the breathability in every step. The socks are reinforced in heels, metatarsals and fingers to increase comfort, with the Airchband elastic fabric that allows a perfect fit on the sole of the foot, ankles and cufflinks for grater comfort. What you need to compete and workout harder.



This new *PERFORMANCE collection consists of two models of specific socks for bikers: Allez, in neon, black, white and with a minimalist design; and Les Alps inspired by the mythical peaks of road cycling, available in blue, gray and violet. On the other hand there are the socks designed for runners: Go, ankle style, with reflective letters and designed in two colors, black and yellow neon.




This new step of Pacific and C, has cost us effort, enthusiasm an motivation and now you can live a more immersive experience, similar to the one we have lived designing *PERFORMANCE, we have created a website where you can discover the new collection in detail.

In addition, last wednesday december 6, we received the AWWWARDS award for the best site of the day worldwide. The best news to start the season!!

Take a look and live the experience 😉

Are you ready?