Neko Socks – Pretty Vandal Collection

This Cat is famous all around the world. He is Maneki NEKO and is known for his infinite salutes, being a symbol of luck in the japanese culture. Luck bonus for the owner of these socks!


Price: 14,95 + shipping costs


For enhanced comfort and durability, the Neko Socks with Maneki Neko Cats have reinforced heel and toe, as well as an elastic arch support and a self-adjusted cuff to fix the sock on your feet. Signature logo at the sole. Keep your feet looking fresh with these Pacific and Co. socks. Machine wash in 30 °C / 86 °F. Avoid bleaching or ironing the socks. Socks will last longer if you keep them out of the tumble dryer.

Medium length unisex socks (Height: 16 cm) for all weather condition

80% Coolmax® 10%Cotton 6% Nylon 4%Elastic

Made in Barcelona